Who I Am

Lorena tiberi was born in rome – italy, on 29 july 1997 ( 19 years old).
She startes in artistic high school only from the third year, strongly feeling the passion for art figurative.
She approaches for the first time to painting and sculpture and then she stops not more to work in her path personnel artistic. During the high school she partecipates in exhibitions and art contest for youth and she wins award as best “teofilo patini sculpture” ( il contadino e la sua terra ).
Ending her high school, the summer of 2016 , she decides to dedicate her time to come closer artistic environment of rome and then undertaking international experiences , first of these in berlin ( january 2017) .

My name is Lorena Tiberi and I am an Italian young artist. I attended the Liceo Artistico “Via di Ripetta” in Rome where, in June 2016, I got my diploma with the final result of 93/100.
I am interested in the world of Art because it is through Art that I can express – in the deepest and most personal way – myself, my soul, my emotions and my point of view. In particular, I have a predilection for visual arts, such as sculpture and painting.
I participated in different shows inside my School and in competitions, also winning prizes and awards, which I am very proud of.
Last summer, I went to Portugal for an international voluntary experience concerning the requalification of abandoned artworks and the reevaluation of terracotta – a fundamental material used throughout the centuries – which I have used many times for the realization of my sculptures.
I always work with great passion and my production of work is very rich and intense.
I do love the world of Arts and all that implies freedom of creation. Berlin has always been considered as one of the most important poles of attraction for the development of artistic vanguards and that is renowned worldwide.
The possibility of attending an environment with young artists like me, is a big source of ideas and examples to improve and enrich my personal pathway.
I am always full of passion and desire to learn more, I know that my determination will be the cornerstone of my training path. The Art school I attended provided me with the foundation upon which I have built my own artistic world and with the necessary knowledge of History of Ancient and Modern Art, thus offering me lots of suggestions and insights to better understand Contemporary Art.
Among the goals I achieved in these last years, there are: winning of the First Prize of Sculpture, called “Teofilo Patini Prize”, in June 2015; exhibition of my works in the famous Rome street “Via Margutta”, in November of the same year; a series of various private commissions.
After completing the High School, I decided to take a year to devote myself to work independently and to better discover the Artistic Environment of my town, getting in contact with Galleries, visiting Shows and participating in Exhibitions. So, I managed to get in touch and know many artists from whom I have drawn precious life lessons that I jealously preserve for my future.

Lorena Tiberi